Welcome to SatoShiba!

The new shiba meme token that will be investigating the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto!


Token Price



21,000,000 SATO

Total Supply

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Why Buy SatoShiba?

  • SatoShiba will pay out 3% reflection off every transaction to its diamond-handed holders.
  • The development team is experienced, honest and will spend every penny in the marketing wallet to push this gem project.
  • A buy back wallet has been attributed to always easily eat those dips and have a healthy chart.
  • One of the best private investigators will be hired by SatoShiba to research and find the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • This raises questions: Who will be the investigator? When? Why actually investigate Nakamoto?
  • Answers: Figure out who is behind bitcoin since its most likely a group of people, if we discover who they are, we can follow their actions in the market.
  • No reason to FOMO if you get in early. We have recently listed on CMC and CoinGecko is coming soon.

Tax distribution

4 %


3 %


2 %


1 %

Dev Wallet

Road Map

SatoShiba is born and launched on PancakeSwap, Exposure in different communities, marketing with BSC influencers, Social media growth, AMAs with BSC influencers, marketing with Youtube content creators.

Poocoin ADS, CG and CMC, Asia / Middle East / Europe marketing campaign, NFTs will be added to our website, Facebook and Instagram marketing, Partnerships.

Hire a world class investigator to research the true identity of the one and only Satoshi Nakamoto, Larger scale marketing, DEX / CEX listings, SatoShiba is the new sensation.

The rest is history, more details to come soon.

How to Buy

How to buy SATOSHIBA Token

You can purchase SATOSHIBA on PancakeSwap by following the next steps

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